Free Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Support

What's the catch?

There is none. Assuming that you aren't already working with a Microsoft Partner, simply  assign us as your Partner of Record for CRM Online (this is free too) and then give us a call on 0114 286 6335 and we will help with your support query for up to 1 hour, absolutely free of charge.

It sounds too good to be true!
It really isn't. We hope that you will be so impressed with our assistance that you consider taking out one of our support contracts so that we can continue to assist you on an ongoing basis. We are keen to increase the number of CRM Online customers that we work with, and so are offering this service to give you the chance to try us for free before you decide to part with your hard-earned.

Give it a go

  1. Add us as your Partner of Record for CRM Online
  2. Call us on 0114 286 6335


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