UK Customisations

New Dynamics CRM customers will no doubt quickly notice that out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 uses US English formats and naming conventions for many of the default fields.

UK-based customers will often need to modify a new CRM implementation, to reflect UK English formats and conventions.

As a Gold Certified Dynamics CRM Partner, The CRM Business has been customising Dynamics CRM systems to meet the needs of customers across all industries since CRM 1.2 launched back in 2003. Over time, we have learnt to optimise the system for the UK market and are now offering our UK customisation set as a downloadable solution help you get up and running quickly with a system that fits your business.

Changes include:

  • Customisation of all address fields to UK formats (applied throughout)
  • Change "Account" to "Company"

Areas updated:

  • Form labels
  • Fields
  • Entity names
  • View columns and names
  • System Messages

We are also including our Dynamics CRM - Bing maps integration for Leads, Contacts and Companies with this customisation set at no extra cost (Bing maps licensing required).

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