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The CRM Business works with clients across the UK to deliver CRM solutions based upon Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  As specialists working with this product, we discover situations where we and our clients feel that processes can be streamlined and further time saved with the implementation of one or more of our "Automate CRM" add-on solutions. 

Easy Notes

Our Easy Notes solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been designed to streamline working practices by automatically copying activity notes into the parent account notes area, reducing the number of clicks required to see an overview of all the activity related to any given account.  This solution was developed to meet a common customer requirement to be able to see at a glance a summary of all recent activity / history.

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Fast Order

Our Fast Order solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been designed to streamline working practices by automatically creating an order and associated line item from a case, based on the product selected in the case. This solution was developed to speed up common working processes for customer service teams who may need to replace a faulty / missing product for a customer whilst handling a support case.

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Lead Cleanup

Our Lead Cleanup solution helps to maintain order when Leads are converted to account, contact and opportunity records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Imagine this situation: You have 5 Lead records in your CRM 2013 system, for 5 people who all work for the same company. You have a conversation with one of those people, and decide to convert their lead record to an account, contact and opportunity. Out-of-the-box, Microsoft Dynamics CRM would not automatically update the remaining 4 lead records at this point.

Automate CRM: Lead Cleanup has been developed to address this issue, automatically converting other leads for the same company to contacts and assigning them to the relevant parent account. This helps to maintain data integrity in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system whilst minimising manual effort.

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Product Quicklist

The Product Quicklist solution has been designed for those companies who only work from one price list. Out-of-the-box, Dynamics CRM requires the user to add a record for each product, and then also create a price list entry for each product before it can be used in quotes. Product Quicklist speeds up this process by automatically adding each product to the single price list whenever a product record is created in the system. This speeds up the creation of single price-list product catalogues, saving time and improving the user experience.

These solutions are provided for you to use free of charge with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 implementation.  All that we ask in exchange is that you list us as your Partner of Record on your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system - this costs you nothing. 

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